Saying No Is Becoming Better

If you want to be more productive, you should make a habit of saying no. when you don’t do anything is usually faster than doing. Similarly, no meeting ends quicker than no meeting.

Such phrases do not bear a literal meaning but show that people complicate their lives more by doing things they shouldn’t. For instance, many meetings held shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Typically, someone may ask you to do a task to which you would reply with a ‘sure thing.’ However, few days pass, and you feel overwhelmed with a lot on your to-do list. More so, the task you agreed to frustrates you only because you decided to it.

Consequently, the best approach would be asking if some things are necessary. Usually, a more significant part of the things that frustrate people are not essential, and a simple ‘no’ would be a life-saver.

Conversely, why do people say yes if the rewards of saying no are many?

Why People Say Yes

Usually, people agree to many things not because they want to do them but because they don’t want the perception of being rude, unhelpful, or even arrogant. Even worse, you find it hard to say no to someone you will associate with soon, like a co-worker, spouse, and even a close friend. Also, it can be hard to say no to such people because you may need their help.

Nonetheless, the best approach would be to do what favors you and be direct but warm-hearted in saying no. However, most people still find it hard to balance saying yes and no and doing things that add value.

Perhaps the point is that people don’t know the difference between yes and no.

The Contrast between Yes and No

The two words are not just to illustrate the opposite in meanings but also show the difference in commitment.

Usually, when you say no, it goes to a single option but saying yes means agreeing on everything. Once you commit to anything, you decide on how you will spend your future. Conversely, saying no saves will save you time, while saying yes spends your time in the future.

Furthermore, no makes you spend your time the way you want, while yes means you have a debt you must repay in commitment. In other words, no is a choice, and yes is a responsibility.

The Role of No

  • Saying no is a great practice that retains your time.
  • People who say no have the power to become successful.
  • When you say no, you avoid distractions which will lead to you drawing closer to your dreams.
  • Saying no is also a sign of respect. This means that saying yes when you don’t mean it could result in poor performance and resentment.
  • Once you say no to something, you are saying yes to a better option. This means that saying no to one thing makes you accept another that could better use your time.

Often, people take saying no as being rude; however, no is setting boundaries. The best practice would be learning to say no without being rude.


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