While Touring for a Week at Brahmaputra Cruise

For the last few months, the penetration of the Coronavirus in the global environment has considerably increased the death rate of humans. It has affected the citizens of several nations throughout the world. It is a deadly virus of which an effective anti-dote has not yet been discovered. People tend to die just within three to four days of the virus attack. There are specific preventive measures for this virus attack that has been widely informed to all the people all over the world. By the time, the American tourists who came to India for a tour have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Reports of the Positive Tests for Coronavirus of an American Tourist

1 As per the recent news, the American tourists who have been tested positive for the Coronavirus, while touring for a week at Brahmaputra river cruise in Assam as a part of his India tour, just before flying to Bhutan, which is the Himalayan country. The small kingdom of Bhutan, which is amid the steep Himalayas, reported the first case of the novel virus, while it continues to spread across Europe and Asia. According to the reports of the District Collector of Assam, the US citizen has traveled to Jorhat on February 22. Then he proceeded to Guwahati via the river cruise MV Mahabaahu Brahmaputra on February 23. The river cruise then returned to Neematighat in Jorhat, which consisted of 29 crew members and 22 guests.

Reports of the Positive Tests for Corona Virus of an American Tourist

2Therefore District Collector mentioned in his statement that they are monitoring the issue closely and are equipped to deal with the situation. So there is no reason for panic. In the meantime, the crew and passengers who were traveling on the MV Mahabaahu Brahmaputra cruise with the US citizen from February 22-28 have already been isolated and kept in medical observation. It is a great relief that the medical and health team who have been monitoring the regular status of those quarantined have informed that they are all asymptomatic.

Worldwide Status of Coronavirus

As of March 6, according to the health reports, India reported that 31 cases of the deadly virus had been originated in the Central Chinese city of Wuhan in the last December. Six days later, the state media of China reported the first recorded death from an illness that has been caused by the Coronavirus. This deadly virus has already killed more than 3000 people throughout the world, including China, and it has even spread to more than 60 countries around the globe. The entire global population has shrunk to a certain level due to the advent of this deadly Coronavirus sourced from China.


Though this fatal trap has mostly affected China, yet it has also affected a lot more countries around the world. The Indian Government has taken all the effective initiative to airlift the Indian citizens, residing in China either for study or for employment and have succeeded in this initiative too. The country has begun screening people at airports who are located at various parts across the country from January 17 onwards.


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